Marty Driesler Cancer Project (MDCP)

In February 2004, Congressman Hal Rogers and UK President Lee Todd announced a first-of-its-kind health care initiative aimed at increasing the survival rates for people with deadly cancers by screening people in the 5th Congressional District who are at high-risk.  Congressman Rogers secured funds for the Marty Driesler Cancer Project; the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Lung Cancer Research Program (KLCR Program) contribute additional resources to support the Project.

Congressman Rogers named the Project in honor of his former Chief of Staff, who died in November 2003 after a three-year battle with lung cancer.  Marty Driesler, a UK graduate, served in Congressman Rogers’s Washington, D.C. office for 12 years.

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MDCP is an umbrella project created to establish a longitudinal research enterprise. MDCP provides an infrastructure that supports an integrated cancer center and community research network to concentrate on reducing the morbidity and mortality of cancer.  The overall vision of the Markey Cancer Center and the University of Kentucky is that the MDCP research network will expand to include other chronic diseases endemic to eastern Kentucky.

Current studies focus on screening strategies.  These research studies seek better screening options for earlier detection of lung, esophageal, and liver cancers.  The studies provide a strong platform for translational and clinical research where application of bench science evolves quickly into clinical science.

The overriding vision of the Project is to maintain a mutually supportive research partnership for at least 25 years with healthcare and other community groups in the 5th Congressional District.

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